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Let’s get to the treasure (which is the Groom+Style list of the top 5 metal detectors). Better metal detectors have “DD coils.” These look like opposing “capital D’s” and the search field they send out is narrow and blade-shaped for more precise work. They’re electromagnetic coils in the shape of rings or other designs, and their purpose is to detect the magnetic fields that metal objects create in the ground.

​With four operating modes like the coin, jewellery, beach pinpoint and all metal mode coupled with the Auto track ground balancing feature you can take this MX5 almost anywhere. Here’s what you’ll find on the TK4: 8″ concentric coils, audio alerts and a target ID meter, discrimination and sensitivity controls, and an all-metal mode. This detector comes with an 8-inch DD coil which is perfect for searching for buried metal, particularly in areas with lots of trash (you can buy a smaller coil suitable for gold prospecting separately), and you can choose between automatic and manual ground balancing. Also, find the best hunting grounds – you won’t find gold where there is none, even with a $10,000 expert metal detector. A metal detector requires several accessories to get the best treasure hunting experience.

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But for someone who is stating out, keep the original coil. Like the rest of devices, it has an onboard speaker that will emit a beep when it detects a metal object. You press it and sweep the coil slowly following the strongest audio signal. It has a depth indicator in the lower left corner of the screen and a low battery indicator.

Also available is a target alert which comes into play every time the detector detects a large target. Complementing both the modes is the impressive battery timing and large detecting depth of this device. And if you don’t like the false signals that are a given in this mode, you could use the Discrimination Mode to iron things out. First of all, the Fisher Gold Bug has a dual-mode operation to attract your attention, the first of which is the All Metal Mode. This feature helps locate the exact spot the treasure lies once the detector magnetic rays have reached that area.  Afterward, as you dig and their distance with the treasure reduces, the tone will get louder to tell you that you’re going the right way.

If a metal detector is equipped with a display, at all times it has a discrimination scale viewing that shows, as a rule, indication of the object from 0 to 99. Depending on how close a metal detector level is to professional one its discrimination settings vary.

If you read my beginner’s guide to metal detectors, I mentioned the three metal detector technologies used; Very-Low Frequency, Pulse Induction, and Beat-Frequency Oscillation. If you are a beginner, don’t go for an intermediate metal detector – it might be a little hard for you to use. If you have heard about people striking gold and treasures, they use a metal detector. However, you need to get the best metal detectors for beach treasure hunting, nothing more, nothing less. This is a 19 KHz metal detector with manual and automatic ground balance.

Ok, let’s start by looking closely at our choices for the best beginner metal detectors. This is because the ‘signal’ is concentrated around the coil, which will (read: should) be close to the ground and not being scanned over your chest. Sweeping over the ground with a bigger coil can cause you to miss these small but highly valuable objects. Just because your coil can identify large objects doesn’t mean that these objects are worth more than smaller pieces of metal. There are a wide variety of different metals that you can come across during your search for hidden treasure.

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VLF metal detectors can detect the type and size of the metal through phase shifting. One coil acts as a receiver and the other as a transmitter. This is an inexpensive technology and metal detectors using BFO technology are fairly cheap. The receiver monitors this change in frequency in the control box, and thus informs the user that it has found metal. When these electric bursts strike a metal, the reverse magnetic field takes a longer period to disappear than the reflected pulse.

The device has automatic ground balance that allows working at highly mineralized official site soils. Yet, it is better to start from using metal detectors for beginner level.